Grampus 2022 – Sempreviva

The month of May saw the creation of a new artwork for the Riu d’art Open Air Gallery. This work is situated in the Barrio of Santo Domingo. It’s history formed the inspiration for the work, with people coming to Riba-roja d’Ebre in the 60s to construct the large hydroelectric dam and simultaneously building their houses in this location.

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Grampus 2021 – Qiu Som?

After a pandemic related hiatus in in the year 2020, we were delighted to host 4 artists as part of our first Grampus Heritage and Training placement. September 2021 saw a new addition created to add to the Riu d’art Open Air Gallery. Entitled ‘Qui Som?’ (the Catalan for ‘Who are we?’), the artists worked collaboratively to create an illustrative response to their experience living and working in Riba-roja d’Ebre for one month.

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The fifth edition of Riu d’Art!

Riba Rocks has opened the call for the 5th edition of Riu d’art to local, national and international artists of any discipline. From today until the 5th April, artists can present their artistic proposals online.

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The Riu d’art presentation

The Riu d’art presentation takes place on the 22nd June in Riba-roja d’Ebre. Meeting in the Town Hall square at 7pm. We will make a tour of the new artworks culminating in live music and bar service in the Placa del Forn.

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Canal Terres de l’Ebre

9 artists from 8 different countries are currently staying in the village of Riba-roja d’Ebre. They have been selected to make various artistic interventions on the walls of the houses in and around the old town. Riu d’art is an initiative of the Riba-rocks Cultural Association, which is in its fourth edition this year.

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Riu d’art 2018

Here you can view the artist presentations from Riu d’art 2018. Most presentations are in English, but there are translators into Catalan and Spanish.

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The 3rd Riu d’art presentation

Riu d'art Tours

Thank you for attending the official presentation of the third international ‘Riu d’art’ residency. Organised by the Association of Riba Rocks with the support of the Town Hall of Riba-roja d’Ebre.

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Riu d’art and Mercat d’artesans

Canal Terres de l’Ebre visited the Mercat d’artesans and interviewed artists about their residency in the village.

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The best way to experience the Riu d’art Open Air Gallery is with a guided tour! The Riba Rocks association members offer guided tours in either English, Catalan or Spanish. A perfect activity for all the family. (Tours are free, although a donation to the association would be greatly appreciated.)

We offer guided tours throughout the summer months. The tour is completed in two parts, a morning stroll and an evening walk. With a long lunch and siesta break in between. If you would like to book a guided tour fill in the form below.

If you are visiting Riba-roja d’Ebre and would like to stay, we can recommended accommodation. Riba Rocks can arrange lunch for you at a local bar or restaurant as part of the day tour. The tour offers you an insight into the background of each artist and the concept behind their work in Riba-roja d’Ebre.

It is a great way of seeing the beautiful, village streets and other sites along the way. You will be given your own map which indicates where each artwork can be found. You can then revisit or recommend to a friend!

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