Adrià Cid 2017

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‘Un riu de contemplació’

As I walk the streets of Riba-roja d’Ebre I feel the stories on the stones, facades, doors and windows. Architecture that frames custom scenes that have been, that are happening, that are to come or that could have been. Spaces of community, family, love and war, lovers of a mythical river that escapes the time of men.

The plate is a symbol that serves to connect the river with its people. The colours of the water, with glazing enamel treatments of copper oxide and cobalt, which are a nod to the pottery tradition in both an archaic and current form. Gastronomy also has its space as a living culture and symbol of brotherhood, meeting and conversation. The mural contemplates the river from a privileged viewpoint dedicated to a great tributor of stories of this land, Jesus Moncada.

The work invites contemplation, to the memory and to a projected future marked by the Ebro.

Adrià Cid (Barcelona, 1989). He studied his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Barcelona University. He started in the audiovisual field, followed by a deeper exploration into multidisciplinary sculpture in Seneca at the University of the Basque Country where he began working with pottery.

Since 2012 he has studied Artistic Ceramics at the Llotja School of Art and Design (BCN). His works have featured in various exhibition spaces in the Terres de l’Ebre region, Strasbourg, in Art Jove gallery, DHUB in Barcelona and other spaces. The artist also operates within the music scene as a singer songwriter and luthier.

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