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map of all the Riu d’art artworks

‘Equilibri Riba-roja i l’Ebre’

The green box at the base of the work is like a stage, where the two Rs represent Riba-roja d’Ebre. Becoming visible to the world and its relationship with the river and nature, part of it’s identity and wealth. The brick wall is the hand of man who collides with nature and its strength in this case represented by the river. The work is a representation of the daily coexistence of Riba-roja, the river Ebro and the fauna.

I started in the world of graffiti in 1990 in the city of Lleida. In 1998, I created my own style of 3D tubular letters, as we now know in the world of graffiti. In 2005 I started to customise clothes and caps. I have also been creating parallel styles and realism in physiognomies. For many years now, I have produced graffiti, which has led me to make “Street Art” in residencies and for commission.

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The best way to experience the Riu d’art Open Air Gallery is with a guided tour! The Riba Rocks association members offer guided tours in either English, Catalan or Spanish. A perfect activity for all the family. (Tours are free, although a donation to the association would be greatly appreciated.)

We offer guided tours throughout the summer months. The tour is completed in two parts, a morning stroll and an evening walk. With a long lunch and siesta break in between. If you would like to book a guided tour fill in the form below.

If you are visiting Riba-roja d’Ebre and would like to stay, we can recommended accommodation. Riba Rocks can arrange lunch for you at a local bar or restaurant as part of the day tour. The tour offers you an insight into the background of each artist and the concept behind their work in Riba-roja d’Ebre.

It is a great way of seeing the beautiful, village streets and other sites along the way. You will be given your own map which indicates where each artwork can be found. You can then revisit or recommend to a friend!

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