Andrea Aguilera, Mhairi Brown, Kyle Leeson, Dana Leslie, Josephine O’Connor & Jasmin Robertson 2023

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‘Fluir amb l’aigua segura’

‘To go with safe water’

One of the artists who worked on this collaborative mural, Jasmin Robertson, explains the inspiration behind the artwork:

‘To go with safe water’ was a project I created back home, around the River Clyde, in Glasgow. It started when I found a Farsi prayer written and neatly folded with water passing through the river, and evolved into a project about appreciating our river sources, valuing their presence and significance, practically and spiritually. When first arriving in Riba-roja it was clear that the people and place take pride and care of the River Ebro, which was beautiful for me, and of course was great inspiration to all of us in our mural. I soon heard about Santa Madrona, the Catholic Saint who cared for sailors and passersby on the river, and its presence in local storytelling, especially to do with travel and passage. I felt privileged and gained a lot of inspiration whilst swimming in the Ebro and travelling both upstream above the dam and further downstream. 

‘And now I’d like to read that Farsi prayer to share with you some of the connections we have made with religion, culture, place and people;’

‘In the name of the universe and life And clear waters, angels, health and hope. Thanking the positive energy. I’m grateful for the angel of health and care guarding my mother.I’m asking her to keep a good eye on my mother so she gets cured physically and mentally. Please help my mother to have her complete health back. Please help her so she get back on her feet again and have her normal joyful life back. I really appreciate your help. I know you always have mercy on us. Please help my mother to have her full and complete health back.’

This collaborative artwork was created during a Turing Scheme UK funded residency of 21 days. Under-graduates and graduates from the UK worked with local inhabitants and association members taking inspiration from their experiences and exchanges after visiting cultural sites and local heritage, volunteering and creative workshops.

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