Simona Rukuižaitė 2019


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The term ‘Inclusus’ (Latin – ‘included, incorporated’) refers to the installation of mosaic compositions in the “cracks” in crumbling walls. We can find these in the streets of the old part of the village of Riba-roja d’Ebre.

This piece of artwork is a tribute to the subtlety of colour and form in the walls of abandoned buildings. The meditative process of putting together pieces of mosaic is an attempt to attract the eye away from the rest of the decomposition.

The implementation of the technique of mosaic art is linked to the performance of the urban environment. The artwork is limited to urban space, while changing spray paint or acrylic materials commonly used to an alternative expression of street art.

We present artists Simona Rukuižaitė. Born 1994, she graduated from the Academy of Arts in Vilnius 2018 with a degree in monumental arts.

She works primarily in painting and experimental techniques of mosaic. The artists says, ‘The method in which I trust my artistic practice – the creation of art as an object of art builds not only a sense of visual aesthetics, but also a source of reflection on philosophical and cultural contexts. The variety of natural materials used joins interdisciplinary visual language: objects and mixed paintings’.

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