open air gallery

Riu d’art Open Air Gallery.

Riba Rocks has organised the Riu d’art residency since 2016. The village of Riba-roja d’Ebre now boasts more than 35 works of art. Created by artists and creatives from 19 different countries! This is the Riu d’art Open Air Gallery.

Accessible to all, local residents and visitors alike. The Open Air Gallery offers artistic viewing experiences to those who might not normally access an exhibition within a conventional gallery space.

Breaking down those barriers to accessibility, it offers an experience of art whilst wondering the streets. Popping to the local market, residents of Riba-roja d’Ebre will pass various works of art.

The artworks have become points of visual interest and conversation. Some works are very accessible, figurative or illustrative. Others are more conceptual and even challenging. There is something for everyone.

We are always looking for new locations to create artworks. If you would like a work of art applied to your garden wall, the façade of your building, a sculpture on your land, please contact Riba Rocks.

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