MaryAnn Loo 2018

map of all the Riu d’art artworks

‘The Riba-roja dream tree’

The seed of a dream is placed into the soil, then watered and nourished with love and passion, until it becomes a stable and robust structure that connects the clouds. This is the home of the dreamers, a bridge between aspirational and practical aspects of life (much like the saying “keep your feet on the ground and head in the clouds”).

It represents the ideal life, where everyone can simultaneously pursue their passion and when passion and practice are continually fed and nourished, the Tree of Dreams becomes more vibrant and more abundant.

The Tree of Dreams also represents collaboration and community. A place where everyone can come together to celebrate their gifts and to express their true self. It’s an ideal world, where everyone can fulfill their aspirations together, making this world a better place.

The Tree of Dreams is a celebration of various aspects of Riba-roja d’Ebre. Drawing of what I have experienced and learned during the two-week residency.

From Juniper Ovens, the independence of Catalonia, naps and festivals to the various artists who have left their mark.

On a personal level, my favorite part of this is the Tree of Dreams Bar, Bar Pota. The wall where the tree is installed is actually the original location of Bar Pota. It is also where us artists had most of our meals, prepared daily by the lovely couple that owns it.

This is also the place where I shared many conversations and cultural exchanges, with people from the local community and artists from around the world.

This experience has become very special, my personal Tree of Dreams, while I build my dream of being an artist and travel the world.

What about you? What is your dream?

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